What is MultiMediaMedic?

Business Manager, Nicole NaylorMultiMediaMedic (MMM) is an independent media company covering Essex, London and Hertfordshire. We bring together clinical insight, patient experience and technical expertise to help consultants in the private healthcare sector to raise their profile and demonstrate their skills, expertise and personality, and engage with patients prior to their consultation.

Business Manager, Nicole Naylor, is available to discuss your requirements.


Why Choose Us?

  • Contact usWe are passionate about helping you achieve your aims – Whether you wish to increase your patient list, or raise your profile with referrers we will always aim to give you a high quality service that gives you results.
  • We understand the challenges of working in healthcare – the MultiMediaMedic team includes practicing doctors, communication and filming experts.
  • We will support you every step of the way – Whether you are a young consultant just starting out, or a consultant with many years’ experience, setting up your profile can be daunting. MultiMediaMedic will guide and support you so that you have a profile that you are proud of.
  • We are innovative – Our video profiles are unique and tailored around your specific goals.
  • We want patients to make the right choices – Being a patient can be tough, and making decisions when you feel unwell can be hard. We want to make it easier for patients to choose a medical professional that is right for them.
  • We want to help you create the right impression – We will help you create a profile that looks professional and works hard to appeal to your key audience.