A Patient Testimonial is a great way to explain to patients how your services can help them, and is fast becoming a popular option for consultants wishing to demonstrate their skills and services, and who may prefer to be off-camera. View a Patient Testimonial below:

What’s included in the price?

  • Services of a Client Manager pre- and post- recording
  • Discussion of the aims and objectives for the recording, and personalised script framework
  • Drafting of a suitable script
  • Services of a professional cameraman and team
  • Provision of an autocue, loaded with approved script
  • Length of recording session will be arranged dependent upon requirements
  • Guidance from a skilled interviewer throughout the recording
  • Editing of the recording to a final film of an agreed duration, including music and cover title
  • Branding of the video with your title text and logo of your choice
  • Complimentary second edit in respect of private practice sites (to customise for specific clinic/hospital websites)
  • Hosting of the video on MultiMediaMedic’s ‘Meet Your Consultant’ webpages
  • Embed code and hyperlink provided so that the video can be placed on personal and hospital websites

Price is dependent upon requirements.

Click on the link below to read more about the video profile packages we offer:
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